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I know that several of you use Ableton as a host for the software. My question is I already own DP6 Digital Performer for Mac, can I use it as my host? What would be better to use Ableton,Garage band Motu Digital Performer or even something else that I am not thinking of. What are the advantages and disadvantages
Thanks for any input Thumper

Pocket Master:
I was using the SOLO program that came with SD2....at first.  I was having a glitch with it not recognizing my MIDI connection.  Tom Roady showed me how to load up SD2 in GarageBand and it worked like a charm, the only problem with GarageBand is that the only thing I could control with my MIDI foot controller was the volume, and in SOLO the program would crash if I used the volume pedal, so basically, I had a $400 paper weight that I didn't think that I would use again.  With GarageBand, I could load multiple kits into different tracks, but the only way I could switch between kits is to either use the mouse pad, or arrow up and down to select the kit.  Then I went down to Atlanta for the Z4 upgrade and Dr. Shark introduced me to Ableton Live and showed me that I could control almost every function in Ableton with my FC-300.  I was blown away, the light bulb came on and the heavens opened up.  Ableton is the same as GarageBand, giving me the ability to load multiple drum kits into different tracks, then I can assign a track to a foot pedal on my FC-300, and it is instantaneous, the kit changes right when I push that pedal, no delay.

So, I guess to answer the question regarding Ableton or GarageBand, or any other comparable program, it would depend on what you are planning on doing with it.  GarageBand is easy to use, not much of a learning curve, but has limitations.  I used it to record some tracks to include piano, bass, and horns and it sounded great.  I was using GB to play out live as well, but I was only using the one kit, and could not use my FC-300 the way I had originally intended.  With Ableton Live, there is a bigger learning curve, it has all of the same functions that GB has but allows you to use a MIDI controller to control the different functions in Ableton.  You just have to figure out what you are trying to do and find the right program that will give you the functions you need.

Hope this helps,


Instead of using your foot pedal is it possible to use the Zendrums arrows to move to different drumsets? I know I got that to work in BDF2 before but I do not remember How. Thumper

Pocket Master:
I haven't tried that.  I can tell you that you may get into some trouble doing it that way since it may only recognize the up and down buttons and the left and right, and if you push it too many times, it could turn into a snowball effect and you may have to stop and reset everything.  With my pedal, I have 9 pedals/switches to assign and 2 expression pedals that I can use for volumes and even click track tempos (with Ableton Live).  I will try and see if ableton will recognize the keypad on the Z4 as a MIDI input in Ableton.  More to come.....

I know when I talked with Inspector 109 a while back one of the reasons he made changing the way we change drumsets to a 2 button push process was to help eliminate what you are saying. Thumper


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