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Rolling Thunder - Washington, DC


Avast Thar Mateys,

       The Olde Pyrate wants to invite all ye to attend the annual Rolling Thunder event in Washington DC on 29 May 2011.  Imagine 500000 motorcycles descending into the nation's capitol.  It be an amazing sight to be certain. Now all you scallywags that served in the armed forces of these here United States of America, this be an especially emotional event.  It even brought this grizzled Olde Salt to tears.  So if ye can, make your way to Washington, DC on 29 May 2011.  Ye might even catch a glimpse of the Olde Pyrate leading a group of Harley riders into town.  And if ye have a Harley, I further invite ye to join me crew in riding from Bowie, MD into Washington, DC.  Just give me a strong hail and we will work out all the arrangements.

    Remember our brave brothers and sisters in uniform and bring home those that are missing.

Fair Winds and Following Seas,


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