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XLN Audio Addictive Drums on special offer at Sweetwater


If you are looking at alternatives to BFD and Toontrack products Sweetwater have special AD offers on their website at the moment for electronic download.  Much cheaper than buying off of the manufacturers own webshop.  I have Superior 2.0 and would think that AD doesn't have the same "depth" and "breadth" of tweakability but it is very intuitive and comes with a ton of presets to get you going.  i suspect once you are playing with a band you won't notice the difference.
I don't bother adjusting Superior myself because it is all a bit above me so i rely on the Toontrack presets that you can buy to give me different sounding kits from the stock kit supplied with SD2.  i think AD gives you more options from the outset (and definitely more than EZDrummer).  Horses for courses but you may want to take a listen and see what you think.  Will map AD onto the Zendrum over the next few days but set up on my Handsonic was straightforward and intuitive.
The AdPaks are reduced too.
Just wanting to give something back to the community.

Probably bad etiquette to reply to your own post but I have since bought all the AdPaks too (some off of ebay dealers that allowed you to make an offer on them -successfully I may add) and some from Audiomidi and Sweetwater as they came on sale.  Have to re-iterate - these don't have the same depth as SD2 kits but they are great fun to play.   The basic AD has so many variations of processing on the included kits that you can mess around for ages just for the fun of it.  The retro pack is super fun to play and fits nicely with music that requires that "retro" feel to it.  The jazz brushes and sticks kits add a new dimension of sound that is quite different to all the other kits I bought but adds another option to my palette (quite different to the nashville ezx brushes that I have already in SD2).  The funk pack is a blast and I have been playing the kits in this the most so far - really like it with a lot of genres.
If they are still on sale in any of the above locations they are well worth a look if you haven't opted for the Toontrack EZD or BFDEco route yet.


I use the funk adpak and retro adpak all the time when practicing and playing live.   Switching kits is very fast.  Love the range of sounds with them.  Recently bought the Metal adpak and am messing around with it to get familiar with it.    Toms are deep and thunderous, kicks are suitably "clicky" and the snares add another option to the sound pallettte.  I think some of the cymbals in the Metal adpak have a really different sound to the other packs.  The only adpaks I don't play a lot at the moment are the jazz sticks and brush kits - but mainly because I don't play that genre too much as  yet.
Well worth the purchase price, in my opinion so far.

I'd also look at NI's new Studio Drummer. It's reviewed in the latest digitalDrummer.

I make full use of both retro adpak and funk adpak when playing and practicing live in XLN Audio. One of the most remarkable features I have found in it is the ease in which kits can be switched. I was wondering whether a special purchase offer will be available for it in the coming Christmas.


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