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FC-300, Z4, and Ableton Live

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Pocket Master:
It only let me put 2 pics up, here are the others.


Pocket Master:
Here is another video showing how I am integrating my FC-300 with Ableton and showing how quick I can change from kit to kit using the FC-300.



Avast Thar Pocketmaster,

     The photos and the second video be outstanding.  BZ to ye.  Now Aye have to make some very hard decisions as to what to spend me pyrate booty on.  But Aye dfefinitely think an FC 300 is in the future along with the Z4.  One question still plagues me.  Given that the Z4 requires that extra button push to change programs, do ye still have that issue with yer setup?  It didnj't seem that way to me, but Aye could be wrong.

Fair Winds and Following Seas,

Pocket Master:
No I do not, I am not switching anything on the Zendrum, at least not as much as I was.  I am using the same program (I use #6), my kick is always MIDI note 36 and my snare is always MIDI note 38.  I try to stick with the general MIDI mapping so it is universal.  I make all of my rides the same number as well as the crash cymbals and so on.  What I am switching with my FC is the track in Ableton.  Each track has a different kit loaded into it, and I have 8 GB of RAM, Ableton takes up 1.75 GB to run, the OS takes about 250 MB, so that leaves me about 6 GB to load kits.  My SD2 kits take up about 1.5 GB when I load all the articulations, so I am limited to about 4 kits per session in Ableton.  The EZdrummer stuff takes up far less because there are fewer articulations, so I can load all the EZX's into Ableton with no problem.

My ZX stays on #6 and the tracks are changed in Ableton by the FC.  The only exceptions are for that Black Eyed Pea song I mentioned in the video, I use program #9 for that, because I had to split the MIDI channels for stings and drums, I mentioned it in the video that track 1 was strings on channel 1 and track 2 was drums on channel 10.  If there is a song that I need to change some mappings I will use a different setup on the ZX, but for the most part, I am on #6.


Pyrate I have been changing my drumsets with the Z4 and the extra button push between songs using the TD-20. I thought it was a big deal to do it but it turns out that it is  easily done between songs for me. It is the same when I change a user setup it does not take very much time at all. I am wireless and I do not use any high hat or bass pedal with my setup so changing drumsets with the Zendrum controls works in my instance. I am intrigued about the Foot controller that Pocket Master uses. Keep that information coming. Thumper


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