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FC-300, Z4, and Ableton Live

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Pocket Master:

I am going to do another video this weekend specifically regarding tracks 1 and 2 that I briefly mentioned in my last video.  With those 2 tracks, I have track 1 set for MIDI channel 1 and track 2 set for MIDI channel 10.  This allows me to setup my Z4 to utilize the MIDI channel per trigger function.  I set up 3 triggers on my Z4 to channel 1, and set notes that I needed to those 3 triggers which would trigger the strings on track 1 only, the rest of my Z4 is set to channel 10, allowing my drums to trigger only on track 2.  I set pedal 5 on my FC-300 for sustain so when I hit the strings, it holds the note until I release the pedal.  You can also set the pedal to latch, meaning you hit it and release, but it holds the sustain without you having to leave your foot on the pedal, it won't release until you hit it again.  I should have something up by Sunday night.



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