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Pocket Master:
Hey Tribe,

I have been asked several times for a setup diagram of my setup using my FC-300 foot controller.  I just uploaded a video that shows how I am using it with my setup.  I am using my Z4, Ableton Live 8 (which I am controlling using my FC-300), Superior Drummer 2.0 as a VST in Ableton Live, and all of that running off of my MacBook Pro with 8 GB of RAM.  The Audio is not as good as it could be (because of the camera I am using), but you get the idea.  I show my basic pad layout, how I am using the MIDI channel per trigger function on the Z4, and how I switch to different kits.  Let me know if there are any questions or something that I can go more in depth with.  I was limited to 10 minutes or less for youtube, but can make smaller segments going in more detail if need be.



Thank Rob. Very good information for us Zendrummers. Now I have to woodshed even more so I don't get left behind. I have been wanting to incorporate 3 seperate keyboard chords layered on my high hat but have not put the time into it to make it happen. If you can imagine it, it can be done Thumper

Pocket Master:
If you have 3 separate tracks armed in Ableton, you should be able to allow all MIDI channels to those tracks and it will play all three tracks, the trick is getting the MIDI note number to play the notes you want played in that track.  Like MIDI note 67 may be a C on the keyboard, that would mean it would be C for a trumpet or horn as well.  If you wanted to play a chord, I am not sure you can do it with one trigger unless you do a crossfade on the Zendrum, just food for thought on that.  I can play chords by programming certain pads so I just hit pads right next to each other and I have a chord.  I am going to play with it some more in the months to come and let you know what I find out, you do the same if you get to it before me.


Avast Thar Matey,

    An excellent video shipmate.  However, Aye still be confused as to how it is all wired together.  Aye didn't see any wires from the FC-300, nor did Aye see how it all be connected to the Macbook Pro.  A wiring diagram would be most helpful.

Fair Winds and Following Seas,

Pocket Master:
Hey Pyrate,

In the video, I didn't have any cables connected when I showed my foot hitting the pedal, I was just shooting the video separate to demonstrate my foot hitting the pedal.

The hookup is very simple.  I am using (2) Uno MIDI to USB cables.  The first cable hooks the MIDI out from the MIDIJet Pro Wireless receiver to the first USB connector on my MacBook Pro.  The second cable hooks the MIDI out from the FC-300 to the second USB connector on my MacBook Pro.  Then I am done.  The software automatically sees the Uno's as a MIDI input, if it doesn't, then you just need to go into your computer or software preferences and select the UNO's as a MIDI input.  My audio out from the MacBook Pro is just the headphones out jack going into the sound board.

Where it gets complicated is actually setting up the FC-300 and mapping the pedals to the functions that you want.  Ableton Live so far seems to be the easiest way for me, there is a MIDI assignment function that allows you to select the function you want controlled by the FC, highlight it, and then push the pedal you want to control it.  The software automatically assigns that pedal to that function, and you done.  I am planning on making a video of how to do that, maybe this weekend.

I have posted some pics to show how my setup is wired.

Hope this helps.



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