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--- Quote from: Geosphere on February 10, 2011, 02:21:13 PM ---Here's the Official Press Release. 

Download the PDF below to get the latest info on the new self contained Zendrum VST unit.

--- End quote ---

Sigh... I just felt me wallet quiver.

The debate over modules and software will no doubt continue long after we're gone, but kudos to Haney and company for their efforts and constant desire to think "outside the box". I'd love to swing through Atlanta one of these days, and check out the shop. My Drummsticks as good as they are, never worked as well as the Zendrum; (Someday I'd love to remake one with Zendrum goodies!) Meantime, keep up the good work! -Doc

Inspector 109:
Thanks Doc,
Futureman and I were talking about how far things have come.
Can you imagine if someone had handed any one of us a one button push VST in a roadcase 20 years ago?
We've all been through a lot of time and money and braincells to get to this point.
But now I know how good it can be...And should have always been.
I've been jumping up and down and waving my hands in the air about this topic long enough to just go on ahead and do it the right way- because nobody else would listen.
We all needed help with it, not just me.
No more excuses.
Zendrumdrive is VST for the real world.

Scroll down on the page this links to to see the photos.  This fella built a very shallow, touch-screen enabled rack mounted PC:

Not much bigger than the guts of the Zendrumdrive, just oriented vertically rather than horizontally.  You could put it in a shallow flight case, or better yet find a DJ case that it can mount in flat so that the screen faces up.  All the power of the Zendrumdrive but with a touch screen to give it less of a "black box" feel!  I'd sign up for that in a heartbeat.  Far less fragile than my laptop rig too.

Anyhow, I just thought that PC he built was cool.  Stumbled on it randomly enough while researching some ZenEdit 2 bits.

Inspector 109:
Hey Everybody,
Drew Spence at Producer's Edge magazine has posted his latest issue online.
A full page for Zendrumdrive on page 23.
Thanks Drew!!!


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