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Here's the Official Press Release. 

Download the PDF below to get the latest info on the new self contained Zendrum VST unit.

Spot on!  Kudos!

Pocket Master:
Love the PDF ad!!  I have lost sleep when I got my Zendrum, I can't imagine how many more will lose sleep with both a Zendrum and the drive!!!


I am very excited about this product. I emailed a few questions and got immediate response but I thought it may be more appropriate to ask the remainder of my questions here.

-about the OS....Is it 32 or 64bit and will I be able to register and update my VSTs just like on a normal pc?
-Does it have anti-virus for acessing the internet whe doing firmware updates and activations?
-I'm a bit concerned about the possible discontinued Support for the XP line from Microsoft....should I be?
-Is there a chance of future W7 OS upgrade? 
-Also the M-audio1010LT has a few other connections that are not shown on the back panel....are they still accessable and usable?
-The email I recieved from David said that all other standard pc ports were inside. I assume that means there is of course a disk drive drawer, card readers (BTW-what kind), usb ports and video outs.
-What video outputs are provided? What video card is used?
-Will it support a touch screen montior?
-Also what processor is used and what speed is it and is it dual core?
-Is it possible to have it built in a rack case with more spaces to accomondate a few other things such as my TMI, power conditioner ect.?

Thanks so much.

My thoughts on this, and with all due respect -- I don't want to sound judgmental at all, so forgive me if it reads that way.

For the types of in-depth technical concerns that you have, it is my opinion that you maybe should just be building your own system or using a laptop based one.

What David has done here is create a pre-made "black box" solution that you simply plug and play.  I would treat it as a "module" that happens to use VSTs, as that's essentially what he's created.  It's solid, reliable and you can just turn it on and immediately start rocking out, without needing to know what's inside.  Your support contact is Zendrum corp, not Microsoft, so I wouldn't worry about the OS.  Yes, XP has been end-of-lifed.  Yes, future hardware will eventually not work in XP.  But you don't need to worry about that because the ZendrumDrive is a closed system with components (both hardware and software) that are supported by the vendor (Zendrum).

Our course if you wanted to "void the warranty" and open the box it and start modifying it -- well, then that takes me back to my first thought -- you should be building your own ;)

This is more for the guys (IMHO) that don't want to mess with putting together a laptop, install software, deal with audio interfaces and ASIO drivers, etc..  and just want an off-the-shelf solution that is easy to use and sounds great with little tinkering.

ZendrumDrive -- It Just Works (and sounds awesome!)

Just my two cents.


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