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Pocket Master:
Digital Drummer is right, I know "The Mayor" likes EZdrummer, he has SD2 but uses EZ more than the other.  If you want to spend a little less, go with the entry programs, you still get the same dynamics and can expand when you are ready, if you need to.


Thanks all of you. Right now my first decision has to be MIDI usb adapter. I'm leaning towards e-mu. Since noone has reported anything negative, I'll give it a try. My Z1-09 should be shipped tomorrow, so I think I should order the usb adapter now.

I'll see how far garage band takes me. My macbook pro is a 4 y/o intel core2 duo (2.33 GHz) 2GB Ram with snow leopard installed. Diskspace is scarce right now but that can be rectified. I'm not sure if this platform is adequate for EZ Drummer/SD or any such modules. My Garage band is also the old iLife bundled, meaning 4 years old. I will have to think about whether the new EzD/SD/iLife will run smoothly on this old computer. Because if I buy EZD and then if I need another computer to run it, I don't know if I'll have to buy it again for the new computer either.

Any thoughts are welcome.

Avast Thar Matey,

        Aye have been considering the idea of a new macbook pro meself.  Aye can acquire a 13" duo core 2.33 macbook pro with 4GB RAM and a 250 GB HD for under $1K of me pyrate booty.  Aye also have EZ Drummer and use a presonus usb audio interface.  Aye contracted the fine folks atToontrack (the makers of EZDrummer) and they told me that indeed I may install EZ Drummer on a new computer if I so desired.  So ye have nothing to worry about there.  But be warned, shipmate, that 2GB of RAM may not be enough to run software based instruments without delays, clipping, dropouts, etc.  4Gb be the minimum, 6-8 would even be better.  Also use an external 7200 rpm hard drive or external solid state drive.  That will assit ye immensly.  Hope this helps.

Fair Winds and Following Seas,

Pocket Master:
Toontrack will allow you to install all of their products and all of the add ons on up to 4 computers without needing a new authorization.  They are very easy to work with if you install it 4 times and you need an additional authorization, just contact them and let them know what happened or what you are trying to do, and they will work with you.  I am thinking that as Pyrate said, 2GB is not going to be enough.  I am not sure how old "The Mayors" MacBook is, but he is running EZdrummer on it and I want to say it is only a couple of years old.  Feel free to jump in Mayor and give Spundun some info on what you are running on you MacBook.  GarageBand will work great but it has limitations, that is why I would go with EZ or SD2 because it gives you more options in the realism of your drum sounds.  Good Luck with your setup, let us know how it works.


One thing lacking in EZdrummer is MIDI mapping, so it's a bit harder to get a range of articulations. BFDeco, on the other hand, gives you quite a lot of control over the MIDI mapping and besides being able to choose from a range of input options, you can also assign things like drags and sidestick quiet easily


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