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Snow in Atlanta


Avast Thar Zendrum (Kim, Gina, David),

      Aye wish ye a warm welcome to me world of the frozen North.  Aye know that they don't sell too many snow shovels where ye be!  Aye hope ye make it through this minor blow without too much trouble.  Stay home if possible.  If on the road, go slowly, but once moving, never stop.  Never stop ye car at the bottom of a hill.  Just some advice from an Olde Salt that has grown up with the white stuff from Hades (Aye checked this morning and yes, Hades has indeed frozen over). Stay safe.

Fair Winds and Following Seas,

Inspector 109:
Hey Pyrate,
Thanks for the well-wishes!
We're AT the bottom of a hill to begin with, so is Kim.
Nothing is moving anywhere so we're all just holed up and safe and working on Zendrum stuff.
Hopefully all you road salters won't get the ice we got, too.


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