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I've read all the threads from would-be owners and now that I'm in that club, it's starting to take on a new urgency. (My ZX ships next week!)
My opening question is simple. Is there a "popular" configuration for the ZX? Rather than re-invent the wheel, I  think it makes sense to start with some kind of tried-and-tested layout and learn that. Obviously, if there are pad allocations that don't work for the individual, they can change them. But since the instrument has been around for a while,surely there's some consensus on an optimal layout, just like most acoustic kits are laid out in a predictable fashion - albeit tweaked to individual needs and tastes.
And apologies in advance if this question in naive. Please go easy on me...

Congratulations on your purchase!  Welcome to the tribe!

Your ZX will have 16 user setups, all of of which are user editable.  The last two (15 and 16) are "suggested" drum setups.  These are good ones to start with until you get a feel for how YOU want to do things.

You can also download the manual now while you're waiting for it to arrive.  This includes some of the user setups and layouts.

Be sure and poke around the main Zendrum site too.  There's tons of info tucked away here and there.  One item that helped me out very early on were the videos relating to what many of us refer to as the "one-handed groove".  David Kuckhermann was the first person I saw detail this.  He's got that video plus more on his site:  http://www.framedrums.net/zendrum/


Pocket Master:
Congrats on your ZX, welcome to the tribe!!

Here is what I did to figure out what my layout would be that would work best for me.  I just placed my hands on a table top, or used my stomach or front of my thigh, put on a nice groove type song, and watched/felt where and what my hands did naturally for the snare, kick, and hats.  Not just tapping with the whole hand, but using the fingers.  Which finger would touch and in which direction when the song hit the snare, kick, and HH.  I guess it is similar to tapping on the steering wheel when you are driving down the road jamming to a great song.  I tried all of the suggested setups, but none of them worked for how my hands wanted to go.  I use my right thumb to alternate between kick and snare, and use my right ring finger and pinky for the HH.  I posted a pic in this thread of where my sounds are at and my main three pads.  I am using Superior Drummer 2.0 and have the older 3.1 chipset.  I use the software to setup my cross fade sounds instead of the feature on the Zen.  Apparently, the Zenedit program will give you more flexibility with the new Z4 chip which should be what you are getting when it comes to cross fades.  Some of the other Zendrummers out there have tried my setup and they have adapted to the suggested mapping and have been using it for so long, my layout just didn't work for them.  My suggestion, find a layout that is natural for the way you play instead of forcing your hands to learn how someone elses setup is.  That was part of the fun when we got together in Atlanta, everyone was different in some way shape or form, we all had different setups but in some aspects they were the same too.  Crazy!!  Have fun with it and remember there are no naive questions, we are here as a tool for you to excel in this new stage of your adventure in playing music.


Tom Roady:
Welcome to the Tribe Allan...we know you are going to love your new ZX  "the mayor"

Avast Thar Matey,

     Welcome to the Zendrum Tribe.  A fine bunch of Pyrates they be all around.  And ye will find they will try their best to answer ye with any questions ye may have.  Arrgghhh!

Fair Winds and Following Seas,


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