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Author Topic: Version 1.3.0 Released  (Read 1300 times)


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Version 1.3.0 Released
« on: October 17, 2010, 12:39:19 PM »

This is a fairly big release that fixes a couple important bugs, adds new features and functionality and also further improves the user interface.

New Features:
    - New "Channel Mappings" features allows a different Mapping to be assigned to each MIDI channel, which better facilitates percussion groups.
    - User interface has been furthered simplified and "global" (dangerous) controls have been removed.
    - Edit panels have been rearranged to enhance workflow.
    - Support for new modules and VSTs:
        o - Addictive Drums
        o - EZDrummer
        o - Roland TD-5
        o - Roland TD-7
        o - Roland TD-9
    - New percussion group mappings for:
        o - Roland TD-6
        o - Roland TD-8
        o - Roland TD-9
        o - Roland TD-10
        o - Roland TD-12
        o - Roland TD-20
    - "Modules" are now called "Mappings".

  Bug Fixes:
    - Saved "LT" files would display a "ZX" background when reopened.
    - "LT" and "ZAP" models would have their edit panels flicker when the app was moved, resized, etc.
    - There was no "none" selection available for mappings, which can be handy in some scenarios.


You can obtain the update by choosing "Check For Updates" from the "Help" menu.

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