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So close, yet so far....


I'll be in Atlanta all next week for a meeting at INPO (Galleria Area) with no car.  I had originally wanted to drive now with a side trip to Douglesville Zendrum World Headquarters, but it's just not in the cards this week.  Oh well, another excuse for a road trip.

Tom Roady:
Maybe the Zendrum Limo can pick you up! LOL "the mayor"

Pocket Master:
Is the Limo shaped like a ZX or Laptop, the Laptop reminds me of the Stealth Bomber, ooops, slipped back into military mode.  Sorry.


So we're rocking out at the gig last night, crowd is amazed at the Zendrum and some guy with a smart phone pulls up Zendrum.com.  He comes up to me on break and says 'Holy s&*% man, that thing sure cost a lot!"  I didn't have the heart to tell him my true 'customized' cost!   ;D  Non-musicians can never appreciate the cost of true art and quality.  And heck, it's really an investment - at the current gig rate, divided by 5 members, minus gas, speeding tickets, food and beer - I'll be $$ ahead by the time I'm 83!!  At least I know I'll live that long!!  ::)

Anyhow, maybe a drive-by visit in Dec or May on our way back from visiting (well watching really) Matt Antilock in Disney!


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