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Article, CD, PLus YOU!


Yo! Tribe! Word up on an article I was asked to write in new <DIGITALDRUMMERMAG.COM>. Pages 40-41.
I'm in Monterrey now mixing the very CD that features the Udu Drum and Zendrum of course.. and much more! Yes, ifresh and exciting ways! YOU all are gonna dig it!!!

Please check out the article and start dreaming. My intention was to plant seeds and see what new ideas brew and spawn outta them expanding out universe some more.
Yes, I wanna hear about them! They are talking about a future column. I wanna feature YOU!

OKay...back to sessions. Enjoy, -janelle ::)

Inspector 109:
Thank you, J!

Tom Roady:
nice article Janelle....thanks so much for sharing your incredible talent and insight with us...."the mayor"

Wow! Great article. Your myspace page rocks too.
 Looks like you are in heaven when you play which is how it should be. Let us know when your CD is finished. Thumper


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