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How long did it take to learn

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Hey everyone,
I am about to get my Zendrum and I was wondering, how long did it take for other people to pick it up well enough to be gigging on it?
Thanks guys,

My first gig with Zen only was about a month after I had it.  BUT I have to point out that we had a new infant in the house and I generally was not sleeping, so my 'shifts' were often spent with the Zen and headphones.

I did my first gig a week after I got my Zen.  I wasn't a virtuoso after a week, but I could play consistently. I think I picked up on it fairly easy because I have a hand drumming background.  You won't want to put it down when you first get it.  It's really up to you, and how much time you can put in to practice.


I thought it was going to be a difficult instrument , but it truely wasn't at all.
Once I figured out how I wanted my layout, which took very liitle time.

Hay Zenfem Let me know when you gig again I'm over in Grand Jct, Co.

Would like to see how other people use the Zen.


retro surfer:
like many things in life pretty easy to get started keep learning for ever, everytime I start to think I have it down I see something or someone different that makes me feel like I just started again.


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