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Author Topic: Version 1.2.0 Released  (Read 1424 times)


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Version 1.2.0 Released
« on: September 07, 2010, 07:55:43 PM »

The centerpiece for this release is a vastly improved "note picker". This is the control that you use to select sounds and notes for triggers.

In this new version, the note picker expands to take up most of the screen, and also sprouts multiple columns. This helps you find what you're looking for much quicker than digging around in the scrolling list from previous versions.

Additionally, the note picker has a new "sorting and grouping" feature. What this does is bubble up any module names to the surface and then sorts them. This makes it even easier to find note names as they won't be sprinkled throughout the list, but rather neatly sorted at the top.

Another new feature of the note picker is aimed at melodic players. This is a full 88 key piano roll across the top of the note picker. Rather than dig for specific note numbers or english names, you can now just select the note directly from the piano.

This new version also does away with the three "panel buttons" that were at the top of the trigger and setup edit panes, and replaces them with a single button. This new button simply toggles between "normal" and "melodic" modes. This further simplifies your workflow as you don't need to mess with the 3 previous buttons just to change views.

As an additional workflow aid, you can also now double-click triggers to edit their note value, rather than having to first select the trigger and then click on the note picker.

I hope you find these improvements helpful!
To obtain the new release, please use the "Check For Updates" item on the "Help" menu.  You can also install ZenEdit at http://nebiru.com/zenedit/index.cfm?event=download.

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