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Proper Pad assignment settings on the TD-10


Hi all,

On the TD-10... and I assume the other modules as well.... One is supposed to set the type of Pads you use, so that the TD10 can accurately receive trigger signals, and thus respond to the signals properly. This is done in the <setup>, <trigger>, <bank> window.
I believe this is done for the pads when they are individually plugged in to the imput trigger jacks in the back of the module.
Does this affect the pads used through the MIDI function? IE: should we be using a specific pad model for the Zendrum, or is that unnecessary because we are using the MIDI function rather than the imput jacks?

Kind of a basic feature, but I was looking at the VDrumlib website, thinking about trying it (in conjunction with my newly purchased ZenEdit), and this thought struck me.

Thanks for any imput,

Yeah, all those settings only affect triggers that you've plugged into the module and have no effect on any connected MIDI devices (such as your Zendrum). 

Ah, ok thanks Drumwagon.
I had a feeling that was the way it worked.
Thanks for confirming though!


Well, from what I can see, I do not think that the Proper Pad settings will have the slightest effect on the connected MDI devices which would include Zendrum. However, do note that the devices which you’ve plugged into the module are sure to be affected. If you are specific about any other devices, reply.


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