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And we come full-circle...


Here's a good one for you guys:

Last year I made this post http://zendrum.com/forums/index.php?topic=2163.msg5911#msg5911 and spoke about a venue across the street from where my gig was and how cool it would be to play my Zendrum there.  Well, last week I got the chance! 

i got called to sub for a top-40/classic rock cover band and the hardware for my gigging kit was still at a friend's house so I convinced the bandleader to let me bring my Zendrum rig.  It went swimmingly; I was setup before we was and he got there first, the volume was nice and controlled and it sounded great.  If I get called for that group again I don't know whether I'll be given carte blanche to bring the Zendrum but I at least made a very strong point in my favor that night.

Anyway, just thought that was a chuckle I wanted to share.


Inspector 109:
Good for you JAAY!
Trust the timing.


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