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Adding extra triggers in ZenEdit?


Hey there,

Great program! I've got the demo running now and will most likely be purchasing it before the trial is up.  YES!

I've got a Z4 with 6 additional triggers, and I'm wondering how to add these in ZenEdit, in order to get a graphical representation of my Zen.
Is it possible?

Thanks again!

Ah! Never mind:

You simply go into the EDIT menu and UNLOCK the trigger locations.  That was easy!
Great program, man.


Thanks Matthew, glad to hear you're liking it!

The next thing you'll want to do is identify which of the on-screen triggers correspond to your physical triggers.  There is a video on the download page for the "MIDI Proxy Server" that goes through this process.  Here's a direct link to it for convenience:


Pretty straight forward, but let me know if you need any assistance.



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