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Question on setting up the Zendrum to trigger percussion samples

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I am interested in having the Zendrum (still deciding on either the LT or the ZX) trigger Vir2 World Impact Global Percussion:

Scott at Vir2 informed me the following:

"As long as the Zendrum allows you to assign specific pitches to each pad, you'll be able to assign any sound from World Impact to a pad.  The key mapping in World Impact is not editable, that is why it must be done from the Zendrum".
Based on this, my two questions are:

1. Does the Zendrum allow one to assign specific pitches to each pad?? I am assuming this would be the same as assigning multiple samples to one pad and having them velocity dependent (the harder/softer you hit triggers a different sound)?

2. Scott mentions the key mapping in World Impact is not editable so by this I am understanding it as IE: Bongos are assigned to C1-F#1, congas to G1-C2 etc. and cannot be changed . With this undertanding, can the Zendrum itself allow one to assign any MIDI note to any pad or is it also not editable?

Yes, you absolutely can assign any midi note value (pitch) to any trigger (pad).  Each trigger also has a "cross fade" feature which allows you to have up to 4 different samples assigned, each that covers a specific velocity range.  So for instance, you can have a muted conga sample on a pad for light to moderate playing, and then an open tone when you really whack the trigger -- or a snare sound that becomes a rim shot as you near the maximum velocity, etc.

Since the mappings on the VST end are fixed though, you'll need ZenEdit (http://nebiru.com/zenedit/) to be able to setup cross fades in any meaningful way -- not to mention all the other niceties that ZenEdit brings to the table.  ;D

Thanks for the info Drumwagon.

--- Quote ---you'll need ZenEdit
--- End quote ---
This is a bit of a turn off. It's already costing me over 2 grand to get a wireless Zendrum and now i have to shell out another $100 to be able to change which pad gets assigned to a specific MIDI note (which is mainly what I would be doing to work with Global Percussion VST).
The cross fading thing is cool and I could definitely see me using it but man.....every little bit adds up. Not to mention the Global Percussion VST is $400.
I personally feel the software should come included with the Zendrum. I know that sound ungrateful considering the hard work it takes to code such a program but at the same time, these really are basics that a controller should come with out of the box.
Anyhow.....one option I can do is hold off on the wireless and purchase it later but then that would mean shipping costs to send the zendrum for an internal wireless installation, unless it is something one can do themselves (where the internal wireless components are shipped to me and I set it up myself)?

To be clear, you can program individual pads with your Zendrum alone, no software is required for that.


--- Quote from: DrumWagon on August 18, 2010, 03:16:30 PM ---To be clear, you can program individual pads with your Zendrum alone, no software is required for that.

--- End quote ---

Sorry, I am unclear on this. What exactly do you mean by "individual"? Do you mean only one pad can be assigned at a time w/o the software Vs. having the ability to assign multiple pads simultaneously *with* the software or do you mean each pad is individual in that it can contain only *one* sound (as opposed to the crossfading feature within Zenedit)?

Something tells me I am making this more difficult than it really is-lol.

Basically, as long as I am able to assign any pad to any MIDI note *without* the software (directly just using the Zendrum), then I am good to go.
So as an example, if within the World Percussion VST, a "conga drum mute" is set to C1 I hit whichever pad I want to trigger the "conga drum mute" sample and assign it to C1, all within the Zendrum. As far as velocity settings, that would be done within the software.
If I am understanding this correctly, if I want to assign *multiple* sounds to *one* pad, then that would be crossfading which is possible but only via the Zendedit software. Is this correct?


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