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MIDI set up continued


This is a F/U to the previous post.  I hear (read) rumor that a  software update is in the making.  Does anyone know if assigning individual midi channels to each trigger is in the suggestion box?  What are some of the issue a software update might address?  It looks like the software has been pretty stable as no update has been necessary, from what I can tell from the forum, for ~10 years.

That feature has long been under consideration.  Until it actually gets released, I don't think a feature list is going to be seen.  Unless Chris D can come and post some guarantees as to feature, its kind of a wait and see.

retro surfer:
wow kinda like x-mas  huh have to wait and see

Inspector 109:
Hey Weeksville,
Yes, the MIDI channel per trigger is on the table for the new rev. chip.
No clue yet when we'll see it released, but I hope to have a working prototype soon!
Go Chris, GO!!!


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