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Hey folks,
I was pleasantly surprised when discovered by accident that the old media-thread was still in the google cache. One copy and paste later:
(John, I added you videos to the list, cool stuff, I love the one with the 2 zendrums.)

a list of audio and video and whatever-else zendrum-related material available on the net. Here is a start:


-http://www.zendrum.com/movie/zendrum_demo_medium.mov official zendrum demo video
zendrummers: a lot of them including futureman, Billy Cobham, Mick Fleetwood and Jordan Lipp

another zendrum demo video

-http://www.silvermanmusic.com/Zendrum%201.wmv how to setup a drumset-layout
-http://www.silvermanmusic.com/Zendrum%202.wmv clip from a zendrum-clinic
-http://www.silvermanmusic.com/Zendrum%203.wmv various players groovin´on the zendrum and talking about it
zendrummer: Rob Silverman

-http://www.morockin.com - click on "video" promo video of "morockin´"
zendrummer: Keith Wilson

zendrummer: Pierre Boismenu

zendrummer: Psyche of sound

-http://framedrums.de/videos/zendrum.mpg demonstration of the zendrum triggering various drums- and percussion samples
-http://framedrums.de/videos/fdlm2004_med.wmv percussion performance including various handdrums and 2 zendrum pieces
-http://www.framedrums.de/media/zendrumset.wmv demonstration of one handed drumset-groove playing, 16th hihat, etc (also check Rob Silverman videos)
zendrummer: David Kuckhermann

zendrummer: BusterBigg (Mike Morgan)

!!! check this out !!!
zendrummer: Gael Vingot

These are videos of the zendrum triggering a Muse Research Receptor and BFD:
zendrummer: John Emrich


zendrummer: Tom Roady Galactic Galileo from his zendrum-cd "one tribe"

zendrummer: Jordan Lipp with Jive Turkey

zendrummer: Paul DeStefano with too hip for the room

zendrummer: Mike Morgan with Wild Geese

-http://www.cdbaby.com/mp3lofi/morockin-01.m3u more audio clips at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/morockin
zendrummer: Keith Wilson with Mo´rockin

-http://www.zendrum.com/mp3/ZendrumIndependent1.mp3 demonstration of Manoteo Technique as described at the zendrum resource site
zendrummer: PaulDeStefano

-http://www.boismenu.com/music/media/glammest.html Glammest - Statue Still
zendrummer: Pierre Boismenu
zendrummer: John Emrich from "spirit of the drum"

zendrummer: Rob Silverman from "Space Madness"

Send me links to your own files or other zendrum media if you like it to be included.

Hi David,

Now it's really beginning to feel like home here...it's so good to see everyone start to come back and to have your media thread here again!

Thank you so much!

so is it just my server...none of the siverman videos were found, or the wild geese.  are these links broken?


Thanks for the welcome, Gina  :D.
Hmm, Raven, you are right, the links seem to be broken.
That´s a pity, those videos were awesome.
I found one of the silvermanvideos attached to an old email that Gina send me a few years back.
Maybe we could host it somewhere.
Does anyone have the other 2 silverman videos?
I´ll contact Rob and see if he´d mind or if the videos can still be found somewhere on his website.
And Mike, what happened to the wildgeese videos?

I still have copies of the Silverman videos I think (I just transferred all of my files to a new computer, but I did have them.  I will check when I get home this evening.  I think I might even have the wild geese videos.



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