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Anyone know a good Sysex app for Mac?


Hi Guys,

I bought Zenedit the second I heard about it, and it is so awesome... get it!  BUT, I can't get it working yet as far as importing my old setups via sysex.  DrumWagon and I have been working on it (me fumbling and him giving sage advice!) and it seems that Sysex Librarian isn't reading the Zendrum's sysex properly.

Anyone know of a good (free ;)) sysex application for Mac?  Preferably one someone has imported/exported files with in ZenEdit?

Thanks.  When I get this working I will share my info too.



DrumWagon helped me out with this (thanks so much DW!) and we discovered that Sysex Librarian works just fine... my lame cheap USB-Midi interface was the culprit.  When I used my MOTU instead, it worked perfectly.  If you're having issues with your sysex, try a better midi interface!



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