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Interesting drum controller....

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john emrich:

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In either case, $1000 for a single pad is a bit steep.

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And you can't strap it on!
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Tom Phils:
The concentric circle layout is OK, but it seems like this technology would lend itself to custom layouts.

Half n Half, pie slices, etc.   That would be nice for a snare or conga application.

It also appears that dynamics are interpreted by the brain in a much wider scope than MIDI allows.

I suspect that's a big part of the price.

jeff sanders:
cool but i need a hand unit not stick unit. doh


--- Quote from: jeff sanders on May 22, 2006, 05:22:08 PM ---cool but i need a hand unit not stick unit. doh

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I suppose you could just tap the thing...

john emrich:
It has been a while...
The Mandala is pretty cool.  I have been messing around with it for it's MIDI control.  You CAN use your hands on it.  I am still working with it to set up some better MIDI patches for hands, but non the less it is working very well.



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