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Tom Phils:


This would be nice to have a snare of for exressiveness.  I think the applications they show are fairly goofy.

retro surfer:
kinda different could be cool the intro decribes it as something that "helps you find wormholes to creative dimensions that will hurl your mind into the unknown"? is that even a good thing kinda brings back the whole 60's image doesn't it maybe Leary helped design it ;D

I think Danny Carey from Tool helped develop this.  He has several of them on his drum set.  Danny is featured on the cover of the most recent Modern Drummer.  July 2006 issue.

I looked at the website as well.  I think it could be a cool little controller.  But the site is not very clear on how it works or what it really does.

One of my custom snare drums if highlighted on page 156 of the same issue.  ;)  Strong Drums www.strongdrums.com



--- Quote from: redsparkleset on May 22, 2006, 06:25:39 AM ---But the site is not very clear on how it works or what it really does.
--- End quote ---

There's some illustrations if you get further into the site.  It can 'zone' the drum into areas that are concentric circles, and you can assign a different midi note to each.  It gets confusing as it claims 127 notes, but the example shows a maximum of 7 rings of zones.

In either case, $1000 for a single pad is a bit steep.


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