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Not feeling very Zen right now...

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Last week I got booted from my band.  The band I've been in for six years, with folks I knew for years beforehand.  I'd bet my last clean pair of socks that the first thing they'll do is replace me with an acoustic drummer. 

I've been hitting the drummer wanted ads in the meantime--always have to stay busy.  I forgot how many flakes there are out there.  I've revised my contact policy: one volley only.  I respond, they respond, I respond back... then nothing.  You know what, if they can't be bothered to not follow up, neither can I.  I'm tired of dealing with dimwits and hacks and people so caught up in their "vision" that they can't see what's in front of them until they walk into a utility pole. 

I haven't touched my Zendrum in that week except to put her on her stand in my practice space--she deserves not to be hanging out in the gig bag.  I really hope I find something soon--I do NOT deal with inactivity very well.

I've also started changing the music I'm listening to.  I'm on a huge kick for showtunes lately.  I'm not sure why but I'm not questioning it at this point. 

There's not really a point to this, but I figured in a forum called "White Noise" it makes as much sense as anything else.


Hang in there Jaay!  Trust me, we ALL go through this.  Electronic drummers and Zendrummers even more so due to peoples latent prejudices.  You just gotta keep plugging away and trust you'll find the right people eventually.

A life of drumming is a journey.  You're just stuck at a rest stop right now -- you'll be back on the highway before you know it!

What he said! Hang in there. I talked with a singe/songwriter a while back and he even came out and heard me play with my Zen said he was looking for a drummer but a snare bass and high hat would be enough for him. It used to bother me but not so much anymore as I decided that it was his loss. You will find others that will appreciate the Zen. Thumper

Pocket Master:
Hang in there.  I have been in a rut for about a year now playing period.  I hit a bunch of open mic nights, hooked up with some great players, but nobody willing to take the plunge with me using my Zendrum.  What I ended up doing is breaking out the acoustics again.  I auditioned for a band with my Zen, they pretty much turned me away after the first song because of the "appearance" of not having a "real drummer".  After that, I got a call from that band to let me know about another band that may be interested in what I can provide.  I took my acoustics that time and played for the first hour on them, then I broke out the Zen and they were hooked.  I am playing my first gig with them in August using only my Zen.  I think that it had a lot to do with the fact that I am a drummer/percussionist, not just a guy with a toy drum machine thingy that I wear like a guitar.  Maybe just the fact that they now know that I can actually play "real" drums makes a difference.  I guess it is the same as a guitar player that can play the steel, acoustic, electric, mandolin, and so on.  The Zen is just another tool in your arsenal of percussion.  Something will pop up again when you least expect it.  Be patient.


Yep... as per the previous advisors... hang in there! I am currently playing in 2 bands, BECAUSE of the zendrum:
~ The Fuzzy Side band (Classic R&R, with a slant to garage band 'fun', loosey goosey music) - I auditioned, they were looking for a female singing guitarist and ended up with an old fat bald zendrummer, nee percussionist/drummer...me! I have only played zendrum with them, nothing else.
~ Red Eye Flight (acoustic electric eclectic! Alt country/americana "whatever"!... very talented musicians, more serious, specific, great vocals)) - I sat in one night by request of a friend for "a few songs" and ended up playing all night, with my zendrum. They asked me back a month later, and I left the zendrum home, brought only my cajon and a stand with hand cymbal, tambourine, chimes, wood block, some shakers, etc.... they were like, " well, ok, but we really wanted that other thing!". So, they asked me back again with the hard request for the zendrum. The following week they pretty much insisted I join them permanently!
Shows to go ya.... you never know when it'll happen, but trust me, it will! I've actually been playing too much, and am going to limit it to 4 nights a month to keep the war dept. happy :-). I might just drop the classic R&R gig and stay with the more talented and musically specific Red Eye Flight band as we get more gigs (I've only been at it with them since April).
Point is.... I committed to playing the zendrum, and pretty much I only wan to play that. So, 2 bands found me! That WILL happen!

Keep the faith! Rand


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