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--- Quote from: DrumWagon on July 28, 2010, 09:54:18 AM ---One idea, maybe being able to select a range of triggers and then transpose them up or down?

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THAT would be AWESOME!!!  Please add, when you're ready to put up a new update.  This way, we melodic players could build a scale how we want, and then easily make the same scale/mode in different keys.

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Just following up on this thread.. version 1.2.1 just hit the servers.  This update adds the ability to transpose up or down a given number of octaves or semi-tones.


Hey Darin,

Can you explain what the last update does for us?

Thanks, Mark

The last update allows you to transpose selected triggers -- either by octave or semitone.

This new transpose feature is aimed squarely at melodic players.  If you only use your Zendrum to play atonal percussion then you likely have no need for this feature.

I know its more of a problem with the module but does ZenEdit work ok with the 2box module  for Zendrum?

Biggest issue with that particular module is their implementation of the hihat (for a standing ZX player), I'm sure it'll be better for Zendrum LT and ZAP players with a Hihat pedal (CC input controller?). Just wondering if anyone has experience on this module


ZenEdit does include a mapping for the 2box for what it's worth, however as you've seen there are not separate MIDI notes available for open or closed HH sounds, just one set for bow, edge and splash.  You need a CC control to control whether the hat itself is open or closed and by how much.

I think a long-standing entry on the Z5 wishlist has been the ability to layer notes on one trigger.   If we had the ability to layer MIDI messages in general then that would make the 2box a more attractive module.  Then you could have the NOTE ON message for HH sent along with the CC for closed/open, etc.

You best bet right now is probably to use an external pedal.  If you have a knob on your Zendrum and are quick with your hands you might be able to get by with that too.

I don't have a 2box to test it out on but you could conceivably use your momentary switch too.  By adjusting the polarity, you may be able to get things set up to where your HH is always closed unless the switch is pushed.

I know Alan from digitalDrummer was playing around with getting the 2box to work with a Zendrum.  He might have more ideas or a working solution.



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