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ZenEdit: The Z4 Computer Interface

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Now available at:

Please post all comments and questions in this forum group!


Great minds think alike.  I was getting on the forum to ask if you'll be making a forum page for ZE, and... you beat me to it.  You rock dude.   ;)

ZenEdit is awesome!  I have been playing around with it all day, and I look forward to uploading some new settings to my Zendrums in the next day or so.

DrumWagon is da bomb.  (That's a good thing... >-D)


Inspector 109:
All Zendrummers should get the Z4 and ZenEdit.
I want to welcome everyone to the new reality where the Zendrum's capabilities can be fully utilized.
All the features you've been wishing and asking for and much, much more.
We've been dreaming of the day when there would be no more limits, with all edits clearly displayed and stored.
Darin has stepped up to make it happen successfully from a Zendrummer's perspective- Logical, intuitive, practical.
Great tech support, too! I LOVE IT!

Awww shucks, you guys are gonna make me blush!

Seriously though, I really appreciate your kind words.  ZenEdit has been a real labor of love, but knowing that other zendrummers are getting real value from it makes it all worthwhile.

Thanks again! 

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! (I typed all that out and didn't cut and paste)

I was able to create my first usable Bb scheme in no time. So much easier. I could never get that Japanese thing to work properly.

I can't thank you enough.

(bought it today outside paypal)


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