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I am currently using a TD-20 to trigger ZD sounds and, for most things I have tried to do, it has worked out extemely well. 

Today, I was trying to work on a few rudimental solos to improve finger control and quickly realized that playing "rolls" is difficult, if not impossible.  Has anyone figured out how to play 5, 7, 9 stroke rolls on the ZD that sound nice and even?  Is the problem that there is no mesh head or bounce capability?   

I started playing fast single stroke rolls, which works to a point; but, then began experimenting with this kind of finger approach:

5-Stroke Roll:     RMF, RIF, LMF, LIF, RMF  (or)  LMF, LIF, RMF, RIF, LMF

I can get up some steam with practice, but it is still very challenging to produce a true "roll" sound. 



P.S.  I did find a Roland percussion patch is called "snare roll," but it does not appear to be controllable in terms of duration.  I couldn't make it work for a 5-stroke or 7-stroke roll, but it might be OK for an extended roll. 

Just sample a roll.

in john emrich's BFD/Zendrum demo video he does a very realistic roll.  exactly 2 min 52 sec into the video. it also could be the samples as well as the playing technique.

Avast there matey,

     I also use a TD-20.  There is a sample of a snare drum roll.  And one of the benefits of the TD-20 is that you can edit the duration of the roll.  You do it from the edit screen of that sample.  The only issue is that if you edit it for a 5 stroke roll, it is a 5 stroke roll for that pad in that map setup.  As far as I know, there is no way to program a 5 AND a 7 stroke roll, unless you have 2 different map setups with one in each.  But you cannot play them both in one setup.  You might try VXpressions chip sets in the TD-20. Ii don't have any, but I understand that they are very good.

     Hopefully this helps.

Fair Winds and Following Seas,

I finally had an opportunity to spend 3 hours with the Master, Johm Emrich, on Friday (see separate post).  He showed me how to use the TD-20 to get a "roll" sound from that one SnareRoll patch (located in the Percussion section).  It is simple, really, and involves reducing the decay from 0 (default) to about -20.  That shortens the roll to a 4-5 stroke length, which permits playing most combinations including extended rolls.  I had to raise the pitch by more than 20-30 clicks in order to get a sound somewhat complimentary with the particular snare patch I was using.  Candidly, I don't like this "roll" patch solution for two reasons:  (1) it doesn't end naturally and stops abruptly like it was clipped, and (2) the sound does not match any of the snare patches that I prefer (e.g. SoundBadge, Pico).   I messed around with it Friday evening and finally abandoned it.  I don't want to waste two precious triggers for a roll sound unless it really sounds credible.   John's "drag" sound from BFD is very appealing and he makes it work beautifully.  Of course, his "roll" samples came from the exact same drum, so they match perfectly. 

For now, I am continuing to work on improving my finger technique as mentioned above to roll manually.   That is the same technique John teaches for 5-stroke, i.e.  RMF/RIF/LMF/LIF/RMF!   Of course, it is reversed for a left hand lead.



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