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Author Topic: dm pro help!!  (Read 2331 times)


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dm pro help!!
« on: December 25, 2006, 02:58:26 PM »

Hi, I am trying to put the sounds on my pretec fad008-p flash memory card and copy them to the user bank on my dmpro.  I am using soundbridge to put the wav sound files on the flash card and do not have any problems, but when I try to copy them to the user bank, the message "no program data at this bank' appears.  I know the sounds are on the card because I hear them on the dmpro. any suggestions?


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Re: dm pro help!!
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2006, 06:05:56 AM »


I may be misinterpreting what your exact problem is, so if I am, I guess you can ignore the rest of this.

What the DM Pro requires you to do when adding samples via the card is really two things: first, burn the samples to the card, then create new sounds with those new samples. I assume you successfully did the first because you said you can hear the samples in the DM Pro. However, once those samples (WAV files, I assume?) are on the card, you cannot transfer them directly to the user bank, You have to create a sound using them.

For example, let's say you burn a snare hit of some sort. You then have to create a new sound and save it to the existing user bank (or edit a pre-existing sound, but replace the sample already there with your new sample). You should know ahead of time where you want to save your new samples so that you don't overwrite any existing userbank sounds you want to keep.

A trick mentioned on the DM Pro Yahoo group is to boot up the DM Pro while holding both left and right cursor buttons in. This boots up the machine without loading any pre-existing drum kits. This way, when you save the new samples, they are saved with the default effects and settings instead of the effects and settings already existing within your kit.

Hope this helps. If not, reply back.



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Re: dm pro help!!
« Reply #2 on: December 29, 2006, 05:28:49 PM »

Here are a couple of posts that I copied from the DMPro Yahoo Group some time back. As I recollect, these came from posts #9 and #43. This is what helped me figure out how to get my downloaded samples to work when I copied them to the card using SoundBridge. The text from those posts is as follows:

1. Leave the card in and turn off your DMPro.
2. Hold down both <CURSOR> buttons (or just press it in the middle) and turn the unit back on.
3. You should now see a blank drumkit numbered 00
4. Press <DRUM> Now you should see Drum group AKk:000 and Note:33
5. Press <EDIT> and make sure the Sound Enable is on. It should be in capitals:  SND1
6. Move your cursor so it's under the S in Snd Enable
7. Turn the wheel to Group - Move the cursor so it's under the first group name which should be AcKick
8. Turn the wheel until you see your group. Right past Chrmtc to "stuff" or whatever you named it.
9. Now move the cursor back to Group and turn the wheel until you see your wav or whatever sound you sent to the card.
10. From there adjust your settings and assign it to whatever kit you want. Just remember all the sounds or wavs you send to the card should be put into the USR group on the DMPro.

This is not very well documented by Alesis, but here is the scoop!!

Firstly, in using your own samples, you can only "create" single-
voice drums. (with the pre-programmed Alesis sounds, you can layer
up to 4 "Sounds" to make a drum, each with varying
characteristics....). So, when you create a new drum with your own
sample, you assign your sample (called "Voice" by Alesis) to
a "Sound", say Sound1 and dis-able Sounds2,3,4.

The procedure is documented on page 64 of the manual, "The VOICE
SELECT Function" under the Programming Drums Chapter.

So under Drum Edit mode, your first page is the SOUND ENABLE
parameter, which as mentioned, enable 1, disable 2,3,4. Then move to
Page 2, which is the VOICE GROUP parameter. This is where it gets
fuzzy. The manual lists 13 Voice Groups, each group containing a
number of "Voices" (samples) that you can assign to that Sound.
These are listed on the bottom of page 64 in the manual. Per Alesis,
you select the Voice Group, then move to page 3 where you select the
actual Voice that will occupy the Sound you are working on.

HERE'S the super-secret!!! (What Alesis does NOT TELL YOU IS ....

If you have a RAM card plugged in, and you have successfully
downloaded your groups created in Alesis Soundbridge (you can make up
to 8 named groups, with as many samples in each group as your card
For example, if you created a group in SoundBridge, named "MySnar" (I
think you are limited to the first 6 letters by the DMPro display)
and then added 10 different snare samples, each with their own name
to this group, then after the Alesis Voice Group "Chrmtc" the
name "MySnar" would show up. If you select it, and move to P3, then
your 10 samples would show up as selections, and you could assign one
of them.

NOTE: you HAVE to keep the sound card plugged in to access your
samples. The DMPRO does NOT "load" or store them in any on-board

From here, it is just like the manual says, you assign your sample as
a Voice, to a Sound, which is assigned to a drum, which is used in a

I hope this helps....

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