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retro surfer:
just started working with Battery 2 on a Mac Mini so far it sounds good and is easy to use and change parameters anyon e else out there using it and if so what issues have you run into?

Tom Phils:
I've loved Battery since version 1.

IMHO, it works best as a individual sample player, not as a kit simulator. I've got fxpansion BFD for that. Unbeleivable quality and control.

Battery works best for me by adding special effects "on-demand" via use as a VST plug. Loads fast and lightweight.

My only complaint has been the mediocre support (maps) by third party libraries. There are a few good ones, like DFH.

It also works great as a RTAS plug.

Have Fun!

retro surfer:
thanks Tom I use it about the same way and am getting pretty good results, doesn't seem to be very popular though at least not with Zen folks

I had Battery 1 and loved the way it sounds. I just couldn't get it to work without a half second of latency. I was using a top end MAc g4 so the hardware wasn't the issue. I was dissapointed.

Battery 2 latency does seem to be less of a problem for me on a more powerful Mac, but I can't go below 10ms latency on a USB MIDI adapter without audio problems.

10ms seems to be ok, unless I am doing something complex - lots of triggers going off at the same time, for instance.

I may go buy a copy of BFD and see if it's any better.

I am still trying to find my optimal setup - ideally, it would be Battery or BFD + Live - using Live to trigger loops and effects, and using Battery or BFD as a VST or AU to trigger a drum kit.


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