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Son's first jazz band solo

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OK, it was recorded on a phone, so the quality isn't great and you can't see him, but the crowd reaction says it.

The song was Louie Louie, which was 7 minutes long. This is his 10 seconds.

Oh yeah - he's 11.


Pocket Master:
Pretty cool.

When does he start on Zen?

Inspector 109:
Attaboy Geoson!


--- Quote from: Pocket Master on May 28, 2010, 05:19:23 AM ---Pretty cool.

When does he start on Zen?

--- End quote ---

Accidentally edited your post... sorry.

The Zen is just too big for him now and requires more minute dexterity.

For this solo, I just taught him sixteenth note triplets of bass-right-left and he could wail around the set.

Maybe in a year or so, he'll inherit my first Zen.

Pocket Master:
Sounds great!  My son has been bugging me about letting me play my ZX.  He just started playing one of my kits and has been doing well on the clarinet and soprano sax, He is getting ready to turn 11, so we will see what happens.



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