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Well, I've only had an hour on it... but so far it seems pretty darn good.  The EQ controls, with which I will include the sub volume control, are very musical and the freq's are well suited for e-drums.  I like the way the knobs feel (they are large and rubbery, and have an indentation so you can adjust them with a drumstick).  Even with a high volume setting, noise is very low.  The thing is heavy, but seems quite solidly built.  The handle is kinda strange, but I will get used to it (or add something else.)  The carpet seems a little wimpy, but time will tell.

I don't care for 2 things about the input section: that the inputs are unbalanced, and that the second stereo pair (aux) are on a 1/4" stereo jack (I would have preferred a second L/R pair).  There's also an 1/8" in for iPod and 1/8" out for phones (I would have preferred 1/4" phones, but that's nitpicky.)

Now, for the important part: it sounds really good.  For the money it costs, it sounds really REALLY good.  It gets pretty loud before the sound starts to deteriorate (not scary loud, but quite respectable, especially considering its footprint) and I didn't hear any distortion of any kind, other than the harsher tone character that started to appear at the extremes of volume.  The sub control is very good.  Straight up (which I assume is "flat") sounds like you'd expect an amp this size to sound... but at about 2 o'clock it starts to thump, and at 3 or 3:30 it's downright fat.  Or did I mean phat???   ;)

Overall, I am very very pleased with this purchase.  No, it doesn't sound as good as my Bose L1's... but we're talking many times the cost for those units.  For the cash, I can't imagine better.  I will post again soon after I have had this unit out on a couple small gigs, which is the reason I bought this amp in the first place.


I also have been searching for a smaller rig especially for these small coffee houses and have been using a Mackie 350 with a Alesis EQ. Its not perfect but sounds pretty good for these small rooms plus it is a little easier load in.  I also and use my  1 Bose Model II with a T1 and 2 subs which you might consider since you are already used to the set and carry in. One Bose sets up pretty fast all things considered . I take the mono out of the TD-20 module for either setup but the EQ on the T1 is really amazing and the people out front just hear the drums and do not really care in my opinion about having stereo sound from the drums. Can I have more COWBELL in the mix? Thumper

Zendrumdude I have tried the packlite/2 Bose subs with my Mackie 350 and it sounds a little fuller I do not think that it will give you the thump that we are looking for. Maybe I am hooking it up all wrong but I am trying to get smaller and sound good to my ears so I keep searching Thumper


--- Quote from: THUMPER on May 14, 2010, 09:09:09 AM ---I also and use my  1 Bose Model II with a T1 and 2 subs which you might consider since you are already used to the set and carry in. One Bose sets up pretty fast all things considered .

--- End quote ---

Yeah, I do this all the time... it's my most common "gig rig" currently.  (I have the Model 1's and no T1 though.)  I like the idea of the Simmons as a 1-unit solution, rather than the 5 pcs. of the Bose setup (2 poles, base, 2 subs) if it can handle the gig.  Plus it's a lot smaller on "stage" too ("stage" here really meaning no stage at all, and super-cramped quarters for the band!)

I agree, the people who would even notice a streo signal are few and far between... but if the gig can handle it, I like it for ME.  I can tell the difference and I love it!  But frankly I have been playing some pretty small gigs lately.  Shoot.  It's strange, but even though the Simmons speaker pairs are only like 10" apart, if you're listening dead-on, you CAN hear the stereo separation.  It's pretty cool!


Tom Roady:
Man I just checked it out at the GC online....it looks like a great solution for small solo zendrum gigs and small places.....and the low end sounds great? that would be really nice...the KC500s I have have wheels but they still weigh over 80lbs each....very interesting zendrumdude


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