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Alesis TransActive Drummer E-Drums Amplifier


OK, not exactly a review, at least not yet...

But I just ordered one of these (impulse buy!) and I am really excited about it.  50w to a 10" and a 1" tweeter... should be pretty punchy and bright.  It's a kickback design too, so you can actually HEAR it!  I plan to also buy a Bose PackLite amp so I can use 1 or 2 of my Bose mini-subs along with the Alesis; that should be a SMOKIN' mini-rig for some of my smaller gigs/rehearsals!  It has minimal in/out section (1 pr 1/4 in, 1 pr. RCA in, 1 pr. 1/4 out to house), onboard 3-band (no sweep  :() and an iPod dock (whatever.)  Anyway, kinda meat-n-potatoes, nuttin' fancy.  But it's way cheaper than Roland's comparable amp, more watts (50 vs. R's 30), and a tweeter (Roland's doesn't have one; crazy.)

I hope to have it in a week- I will put it through the paces and dutifully review for y'all.  I love the sound of my Boses, but it's still a lot to carry and set up for some of these tiny jazz gigs I do.  This little amp might be just the ticket.  Or a pair of them, and all 4 of my subs...  Mwa-haahhhaaaahhaa!   ;D  (And there goes the portability factor...  :'()


So I was talking to a friend about that Alesis amp I ordered, because this guy is a sound gear GURU and I wanted to get some sort of small sub to go with the Alesis... he told me about the Simmons DA200S, which has a down-firing 12" sub onboard, 2 mids, 2 tweets, and 200w, for just a little more cash than the Alesis.  So I canceled the Alesis and ordered the Simmons instead.  I will start a new thread and review it when I get it.

Sorry for confusion in this thread, guys!

*In fact, Geo, if you wanna, you could just ditch this thread if you like!


That Simmons unit certainly has some appeal, for certain gigs.  But MAN, is it ever heavy for its size.  At 65 pounds, it's twice as heavy as an EON 515 (albeit with a sub) and with orders of magnitude less wattage.  Only comparing it to the EON because that's what I currently use when I just need a single monitor.

I suppose if you mount some after-market wheels on it though it would be more manageable.  The unbalanced inputs are a bit of deal breaker however. 


Yeah, I was thinking about both of those issues too.  Here are my thoughts on them:

I think it would mess with the down-firing sub to put casters on the bottom, so I may mount some on the side.  Or, I have a nice folding hand cart I may use (perhaps even semi-permanently attached); just have to see.  Third possibility: recessed tilt-back casters on the back corners.  I will investigate.

I'm with ya man, I was bummed about that too.  But I plan on using an extremely short cable run (prob. 3 feet) so the noise and signal loss will be minimal.  As I'm sure you know, the balanced/unbalanced thing makes more of a difference the farther the run is.  (And of course there's the +4/-10 dB line level loss... shoot!)  Ground loops will not be an issue, as the source and amp will both be running through the same Monster power conditioner.  But yes, I would have definitely preferred balanced ins.  Speaking of which, I am also mad at Bose for the same reason- on their L1's, all the 1/4 ins are unbalanced.  Therefore, I use the XLR ins, which sucks because they are mic preamps, so you have to deal with leveling discrepancies.  Oh well...


I would agree with Drum Wagon here as I have had experiences with both Alesis and Simmons. The Simmons is very much alluring for sure. However, what makes it second to Alesis in my point of view is the weight it has and therefore is very much difficult to carry around with us.


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