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Tom Roady:
Hey tribe..I'm posting some photos of my first solo gig I did last friday...hope you enjoy seeing them "the mayor"

I see, but I don't understand without the sound. I am very curious to hear what you did.  Did you record any of your playing?  Maybe you could post a little mp3. Glad that you finally made it back home. Thumper


looks like a lotta fun there Mr. Mayor - is that one of those new-fangled Korg units I see there?   How'd the gig go?


Tom Roady:
Ok honestly...you know when you play a gig and you like what you play more than not...I feel I was about 75% happy...No glitches to speak of...the sun messed with me at first...hard to see those LED's and LCD's in sunlight...plus the sun started to mess with my Mandala drum...but once the sun when down...smooth sailing..the midi gods were good to me that evening....the kit is a blast to play and the Wavedrum is major major fun....everytime I play it I discover new things about it...it keeps me exploring and that is what we are all about on here. Look at the instrument we all play and love!!..that is exploring at the max....putting the sticks down and your thinking cap on!   "the mayor"

Tom Roady:
I'm putting up a link here to an interview I did last week with Mel Bay Publications for their Youtube Channel....there is  a little footage of a live performance I did later that day of the interview....i'll get more video of the next  gigs soon..."the mayor"



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