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Can anyone suggest a good software or module with some good bass guitar sounds? Am looking to add that to my Zen playing.


Tom Roady:
Trilogy is awesome...I use it in my studio all the time....plus I use Garageband and have lots of Basses in various Jam Packs..."the mayor'

Pocket Master:
"Mayor", I knew you would throw GarageBand out there!  I was just waiting for it.  I agree, I am impressed with all of the instruments available with GarageBand.  I especially like the piano, but the bass is good too.  There are many different stlyles to chooe from such as a stand-up bass, funk, rock, etc. etc. etc.  I have no complaints abou that program yet but I am still learning how to do stuff.


P.S.  Thanks "Mayor" for showing me what I was missing.

Thanks so much guys. I will check it out ASAP:)

What is UP with GarageBand not having mallet sounds like marimba, vibes, bells, and xylo???  There's a mallet section, which made me happy, but it has THREE sounds in it, all of which are useless music-box crap, which made me NOT happy!



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