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INSPECTOR 109: Tell us about DM-10!

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Yo 109,

You have been using the DM-10, right?  Tell us how it is; shall I get one as my "too-lazy-to-bring-the-MacBook" module, or for a "people-here-get-too-drunk-to-trust-near-a-MacBook" module?

Or maybe a "I-plan-on-getting-too-drunk-to-run-my-MacBook" module?  (Just kidding on that one.)



Avast Thar Mateys:

     Aye have ordered a new Alesis DM-10 Studio e-Drum Kit.  As soon as Aye set it up and play it a few times, Aye promise to provide me own review.  Arrrggghhhhh!!!!  Aye just received a phone call informaing me that Alesis has this kit on back order and don't expect to ship until the 2nd or 3rd week of MAY.  Arrrgghhh!!!!!   Shiver me timbers!!!!  What's an Olde Salt to do.

Fair Winds and Following Seas,

I've had my DM10 for a few months now.

Its wonderful.  Sure, it has quirks, but overall it is a surprisingly good piece of gear.

The quirks:
The MIDI numbers for some of the latin percussion are not the same as the DMPro.  Why change?  I dunno
It seems to not be able to remember a specific setting on shutoff (the second MIDI channel that it accepts melodic info on)
The Melodic sounds are NOT chromatic.  This to me is a big WTF.

But the sounds are excellent.  Ease of editing is very good.  Very versatile.

Zendrumdude - you posted but I was in admin mode and accidentally toated your post.


You were asking about the whole "non-chromatic" thing.

I just don't know what possesed them.

Some scales have only 6 notes.  Sometimes C# on a keyboard plays a note that isn't quite a C#.

Its like they were limited to memory constraints and rather than make fewer sounds, they made fewer tones of the sounds.  I really have no explanation to the weird.  Blocks of scales, but very limited, like 1 octave on some.  What the heck?

Ok yall,  I finally got the Addictive drums program up and running and I will tell you that it is very sweet. It is fast and does not take up a much energy to make it work. The sounds are stacked nicely from soft hits to hard hits.  There are nice tutorials on the website for those who want to see the way it works and a 47 page downloadable owners manual. Not bad. There are some really good preset kits and they load fast while on the fly. Some of the preset kits have some effect kits that sound like something you would hear on a Peter Gabriel album. Pretty cool. I am interested to hear from some of you who have it and find out how you like it. At some point, I will have BFD2 and all the add on packs but I thought this was a good start.



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