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Avast Thar Mateys, 

     Here is something Aye recently ran across.


    Has anyone used this device?

Fair Winds and Following Seas,

Looks interesting, but the Inspector hasn't offered a USB port (yet). 
The CME product line has been mentioned on the forum previously, with favorable responses.

Heck, Pyrate, just put the Jolly Roger in drydock and get the MIDIPro internal upgrade.  It's the cure for scurvy don't you know!

Avast Thar Peabody,

      Putting the Jolly Roger Zen in drydock is in the plan for next year.  All the acoutrements attched to the acquisition of BFD2 have taken me through me discretionary budget for this year.  But Aye still don't know about going internal wireless.  Aye like the concept, but as I previously pointed out, the thought of not being able to use the midijet pro on other equipment shivers me timbers a bit.

Fair Winds and Following Seas,

Anyone tried the M-Audio Mid Air solution? It's discontinued, but significantly cheaper than the MIDIjet.

The Mid Air blows, can't wait to get something better and throw it in the rubbish bin. The CME looks great at around $240 instead of the Midi Jet Pro. Can anybody verify that it works with Macbook Pro?


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