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Greetings Tribe.

I'd like to put out a call for people to submit videos of their work with bands.  I'm making this request for purely selfish reasons: I'm looking to improve my own stage presences and I'd like to see what other people are doing. 

I've seen several dozen YouTube vids of Zendrummers, but the bulk of them seem to be solo demos or instructionals.  There is nothing wrong with either of these things, but there seems to be a dearth of material showing us interacting with the band, the audience, etc.  So, I would like to change that.  If anyone has anything to share, please do.  I'll comb through my own footage to see if there's anything I'd want made public ( ;) ), and I hope to see some others among us as well.  Take care all!


Avast Thar Matey,

      Have you seen the videos by my good friend Zendrumdude and his band Nine and Zen.  Or the group Zentherstick.  Both are available on you tube.  Mr. Wizard (John Emrich also has many videos on you tube of his playing as well as instruction.  There is also the Zendrum Corporatew video that shows many band playing with their Zendrums.

Fair Winds and Following Seas,



We have others with live clips, but I think these are mostly just live with a few filters and not MTVish.

Yo All,

There are 3 videos of my band 9 & Zen near the bottom of this page:


There was actually a film crew and a recording crew for this one, so we're pretty happy with it!  (Other than the sax being muted for the beginning of "Take 5"...)


Here's a few from one of the bands I play in, Classic R&R, Oldies, etc. This is the Fuzzy Side Band.


There are more on my channel, if you want to check them out. This is more of a very loose, totally fun, garage band type group. Musically not very polished but we always have a good time.

I am also playing with a different group, called "Red Eye Flight". No videos made yet that are posted, but we do have some audio at our website. This is acoustic electric eclectic... "a mix of americana, folk-country pop-rock, new country, damned if I know what else", lol!
This is a fairly new venture for me, but I really like it a lot. We should have some videos in the next month or so. I am listed on the website but my bio has not yet been posted. The 4 tunes that you can hear on the first page were all recorded with me dubbing in the zendrum after the initial recordings were done musically. Then the vocals were added. Sometimes the music stops after the first 10-20 sec, but if you hit play again, it'll play thru. I am still learning the tunes in the setlist, once I feel comfortable playing, then I will add some harmonies vocally. They want my deep voice, lol!



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