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Wife and I vacationed last week at Disney World and I knew that I had to catch Matthew Antolick in action (hard to call it work) at EPCOT's Mo'Rockin performance.  Matt and the gang did not let us down.   It was interested how Matt used his left hand for the bass beat on the small top pad and right hand on the lower 8 pads a lot.  Totally opposite from how my brain/playing style works.  I'm going to need to start using those lower 8 a lot more.

Got tha chat a bit with Matt and swap cards.  He will soon be using his new Z4 once he has it all figured out.  His Z3 in the picture is very well used and road worn, but still fully functioning.  Now my front line never looked this good - tough gig you've got there Matt!

I believe there is another Zendrummer at the Animal Kingdom, but we didn't make it there this trip.  As we feed the Rat very well this time (joined the DVC), we'll be back soon for more sighting opportunities.  So here's a parting shot - Segwaying at Epcot, so much fun!!

Avast Thar Peabody,

       The reason that Matt has to use the lower 8 pads is as a remote control for the belly dancer, Serena.  Just thought you might like to know!  Har Har!!!!

Fair Winds and Following Seas,

I hope you guys don't think I am a jerk by saying this...

I saw Mo'Rockin' last year, and although the Zendrumming was fantastic... I never did look at him playing.  That chick is SMOKIN' hot.  Sorry, but honest!  :-*


Avast Thar Mateys,

       If you think Serena is hot, Mo'Rockin's former belly dancer, Ilham was even hotter.  Behold!!!

Fair inds and Following Seas,


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