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greetings tribe!

One thing I'm always in search of is ways to make my Zendrum more versatile and able to go more places.  And I recently realized that part of the ability to go places is (at least I think so) the stand. 

A while back I went to the website of the Chapman Stick company and I saw this:


I thought this was an incredible idea and I tried to look for ways to incorporate similar technology for the Zendrum.  I recently found my answer. 

There's a product called the Case Brace; it's a guitar hanger that mounts to the edge of a guitar case. 

I discovered that if you put the 'Brace on a regular guitar stand like this one:http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/-Tubular-Guitar-Stand?sku=451058 and put the nose of the Zendrum in the space of the Case Brace, it makes a darn fine Zendrum stand!

Now, as always there are a few notes:
-You'll have to hike the upper tube of the stand up pretty high, almost to the end of it's length.
-You may want to secure the Brace to the lower fork; I have not done so on mine because I haven't used it enough yet
-The stand I used for my demo didn't have all of the padding on the upper fork.  I don't know how well the tail will fit into the upper fork with full padding, but I imagine a good push will seat it properly.

I love this item for this purpose because it allows a Zendrummer to take advantage of the ubiquitous tubular stand that you find EVERYWHERE and it requires no modding except securing it to the stand should you choose to do so. 

I'll enclose pictures as soon as I get them re-sized.  In the meantime, here's the link to the Brace's website:


Take care everyone!


So, as promised, here are some links to the pictures I took with my new CaseBrace-based stand:


I've also discovered that the Zendrum does fit on a stand with a fully-padded upper fork; just needs a little push to get it seated properly.

I'm also working on a way to adapt this thing for guitar racks.  I've found that it will work fine on the padded tubular ones, but for flat-bottomed ones or those ones that fold into a case that look like a guitar hardshell case, I'll need some sort of adapter.  I've already got some ideas.  Thought people might want to know.  Take care!


Tom Roady:
I thought I would put up some photos of my Zendrum stand that we used to sell...I think it was made by Gibraltar back in the 90's...I'm still using it today and use it with a couple of multi clamps that have 2 or 3 adjustments...."the mayor"

Tom Roady:
Here is another "the mayor"

Hello Tom.   I do not see any photo's? I just logged in to se if that was my problem but stil I do not see them.  I am still trying to come up with a stand that suits my needs Thumper


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