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I don't have a Zendrum, but im going to order one as soon as my old drumset has been sold.

My plan is to use it  both standing and sitting, but NOT strapped.

So my question is, should I get a LT or a ZAP or maybe even a ZX though it's designed for strapped playing.
I have never tried any of these but what are your experiences and what should I consider on this matter.

My advice is the LT.  I have a ZX and an LT, and have used both on stands... I prefer the ZX for strap use, and the LT for the stand.  Main reasons: 1) it's symmetrical, and 2) its smaller width makes more pads more easily accessible to both hands.  An idea I used for customization: since I didn't want to use mine on a strap either, I didn't have straplocks installed.


Hello zendrumdude
Have you ever tried the ZAP and how would you compare it to the LT.

Sorry, no Zap experience.


Avast Thar Jimx,

      One thing ye might want to try is to find a local zendrummer that lives hear ye and see it for ye self.

Fair Winds and Following Seas,


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