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Some questions about wireless

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In addition to Roland, it appear some M-Audio equipment can no longer be used when wired directly.   Neither my Axiom-25 nor my Midisport Uno are functioning.  :-\

I haven't upgraded to the wireless option yet. I am running a Roland TD-10, so I will probably have the same problem of non communication should I choose to go wireless. But I don't know if really hits me. I don't mind the wire thing. I don't want to be changing batteries during the evening, or run out of battery power in the middle of a set or song. Is there enough upside using wireless to offset potential problems like non communication and loss of battery power at a bad time?

Also, losing the the input jack on the back... I haven't used mine at all, but I am going to start experimenting with a foot pedal for bass drum. If you lose one jack, will the other still be usable for a foot pedal option? Drumwagon, my switches say "foot pedal" and "sustain", but I notice your picture doesn't specify which one you still have. And, is the battery readily accessible to switch out? Looks like you have to unscrew the cover, but I assume that is not correct?




--- Quote from: randtor on February 06, 2010, 11:59:02 AM ---... I am running a Roland TD-10, so I will probably have the same problem of non communication should I choose to go wireless. ...
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The TD-10 is not impacted, only the TD-20.  They have already found a fix for it.  My Draken is getting my outboard wireless moved inside right now.  I never had a problem with my Wieless, Z4 and TD-10exp.  I'm really looking forward to no wireless units/battery box taped to my back.  Less things to worry about and only one battery to chage vs. 3.

They have already found a fix ?  I have been a little concerned as my custom Zendrum is being fitted for internal wireless and I DID want the ability to  have wireless or wired on my TD-20.  I have been using a midi jet Pro for a couple of years now and it has been flawless up to now   making sure that the batteries were always charged was something that I did the night before every gig but sometimes  I just  want to plug in the merge brick and play thru different set ups wired.  so to lose that ability was a concern for me. I would like to see confirmation that this little hiccup has been rectified. That would make me feel better. Thumper

You can always plug your foot pedal into your module if you have one. I am not sure if that can be done with the software route or not? does anyone know if you can ? Thumper


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