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Some questions about wireless

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Avast Thar Jimx,

     The wireless or wired connection are easy for beginners, but ye have to remember that ye need a sound source.  The Zendrum is only a controller and makes no sounds of its own (yet.  Rumblings from the Zendrum cave and Inspector 109 methinks this may be in the works for the future).  Ye can use either a hardware route (like a Roland TD-20, or Alesis DM-10 or many others), or software (such as BFD2, or Superior Drummer, etc.).  There be many choices. It all depends on how much or your pyrate booty ye are willing to part with.  Aye know there have been a few times when i would have liked the freedonm that a wireless connection provides.  Hope this helps.

Fair Winds and Following Seas,


--- Quote from: randtor on July 15, 2010, 08:40:30 PM ---
Well, I suppose I should follow up too... I went Wireless..... and I LOVE it!

When I upgraded to the Z4, I added 6 triggers and the MIDIjet Pro wireless app as pictured above. It is fabulous. I run a TD-10, and have not had any trouble using the wired app as well, but I won't go back to that unless I have a catastrophic failure of the MIDIjet... argh! I shudder at the thought, LOL!
I am using the 9 volt Li-Polymer 520mAh IPowerUS batteries, all rechargable, as recommended by Dave. They are not cheap... 4 batteries and a charger for around $100. BUT... I have one battery I use, and another as a backup all charged. I haven't even opened the other two yet, nor do I see a need for them in the near future. I have "tested" the battery staying power. I used one battery for home practice for about 3 hours, then at a show for 4 hours and I left the zendrum on the entire time), then at a band practice, where it finally gave out after about 2 more hours. I would say you can easily play a gig with a fully charged battery and have no worries.

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Hey guys,
So I wanted to check this out even though this is an older post. I'm waiting for my ZX with wireless MIDI to be completed, and was wondering how those LiPo 9v's you've been using are holding up after being used for a few months. The life cycle of the cells looks alarmingly short for batteries that cost $10-15 each. Had any issues with them yet?


I can't speak for those, but I've been using the same off the shelf Energizer rechargeable for over a year now, with no issues whatsoever.  Easily goes 2 to 3 hours on a charge and has not developed a memory.  I do carry a spare alkaline in my bag but have never needed it.  I believe I paid something in the neighborhood or $8 for it (I already had a charger that could handle 9-volts).


Pocket Master:
I purchased the Li=Polymer batteries and I have not had any issues with them.  I think I have actually gone over 5 hours on a single battery.  The setup comes with 4 batteries and a charger.  I have only used 2 batteries so far.  I put a fresh charged one in right before a gig, then I use that same one for all of my rehersals and practice at home, and have yet to have a battery go dead on me, but I still switch it out before the gig because no power during a show would be bad.  But I have had mine since the beginning of January and so far they have been great.



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