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Thanks in advance for taking the time to assist a newbie Zendrummer wannabe. :) I tried to do some limited due diligence searching the forum, but wasn't very successful finding answers to my questions. Please don't feel pressured to answer all of these if you don't want.

Regarding wireless options... I'm led to believe from the catalog that the integrated wireless system is only available on the Z1-09. Assuming that's the case:

* Is that wireless power, or MIDI, or both?
* What are the battery requirements for the integrated wireless?
* Is there a wart or brick of some kind that juts out of the body of the Z1-09 or is it entirely contained within the tail of the instrument?
* Are there any downsides to the integrated wireless that I should know about before I order? Or to the Z1-09 in general?

* Are people that have a wireless brick on their ZX pretty happy with that?
As you can see, I'm leaning towards the Z1 because of the wireless option, but if the prevailing wind is that it's not all it's cracked up to be, I'll go with the ZX and either live without wireless or roll my own solution. I think I would rather not have wireless at all than have a huge lump poking out of the tail of the instrument.

I'm getting very excited to be a Zendrummer. A long time ago I discovered on the Alesis SR-16 that I could map each octave of my synth to a drum map, and this led to me exploring two-handed synth drumming in a way I haven't been able to duplicate with any device. The Zendrum clearly takes that concept to a whole new exciting level.

The wireless option is *very* cool.  I can't imagine ever going back to being wired  ;D

Nothing sticks out of the Zendrum, it's all internal.  A single 9-volt powers everything.  Here's a pic, note that I had to give up a pedal/trigger jack in order to fit the battery box:

I've personally been using rechargeable 9-volts with great success.  I've never gone longer that 3 continuous hours with one so I can't say how long they really last, but they last long enough.  I always charge it up fully the night before and I also carry a spare alkaline for emergencies.

The only downside I've encountered so far is that I can no longer use a wired connection to my TD-20.  Wireless to it works fine, and wired connections do work if I go THRU another device first, but direct wired hookups no longer work.  My Alesis, E-MU and various firewire interfaces all still work fine when connected directly though, so must be some sorta handshake error with the Roland unit.

Wow, fantastic. Thanks for including the photo, that bit of your time spent is valuable to my decision process and I appreciate it.

Hm, so you're missing one of the 1/4" jacks on the back where the battery bay door goes. I imagine I can probably live with that. There's also the one-off bug of some kind where your Zendrum can't talk to a particular hardware unit. Well.. that's a little disconcerting, only because I'm hoping I don't win the "lottery of MIDI misbehavior" with my setup.

I'm probably not going to use a hardware module on the other end, but rather go software all the way. Addictive Drums is something I have been having a very fun time with lately, so I'll probably wire the Z1 to a MIDI port on my laptop and run it through Cantabile or some other VST host software. Maybe SONAR if I have trouble getting Cantabile to do what I want, although that's somewhat of a crapshoot as well...

Thanks again! Anybody else want to weigh in?

Several years ago I put a MidiJet Pro wireless inside my ZX myself, with Zendrum's internal battery option (just like in the pic above.)  I love it.  No problems... except that same issue: I too am unable to run wired to my Roland TD6.  Not a problem, I never use the thing anyway.  5 hrs. battery life in a Duracell.  get it!


Done and DONE! :)


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