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Z4 demo, can anyone help?

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The Bose is a mono speaker that fills the room with its wide dispersion and you set it up behind you so it is your monitor and main speaker. What you hear 4-6 feet in front of them it is almost the same volume 60 feet away. I use only one and it did not take long for me to adjust to not having the stereo sound that I was used to with my Mackie 450's. Thumper

Thanks for the update.  My biggest fear with the Bose L1 was whether I needed 1 or 2.  Which model do you use?  mod 1, mod 2, compact?  I'm also looking at a Traynor K4 as a possible stage amp/ monitor.  I've been a Roland guy for along time, but I heard a guitar player playing a GT10 through this Traynor and boy was it sweet!


Avast Thar Mateys,

    Aye just looked at a Roland KC-150 Amp/Monitor.  It sounded very nice indeed.  Aye also demo'd a Bose L1 Compact (video to be posted soon.  It too sounded very nice, but at more than twice the price of the KC-150 Aye think IAye may go for the Rolnad. Hope this helps.

Fair Winds and Following Seas,

I only use one a Model II with 2 sub speakers and the T1 mixer.  It gets plenty loud  and the bass is good for small to medium rooms. I will sometimes set up my 2 Mackie 350's with a QSC K series sub if I want to get really loud. Thumper

Pyrate I would NOT reccommend the Bose compact. It is more for singer/songwriters acoustic guitars and mic. Have you looked at the QSC K series they have little amps 8"10" 12" and that pack a real punch and you could always add the K sub later. I have been eyeing the 10" meself. I also will take my Mackie 350 or 450 by themselves to practice and sometimes small gigs. Happy New Year Thumper


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