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Z4 demo, can anyone help?

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Pocket Master:
I bought two EON 515's, I have had nothing but problems with them.  I am taking them back to GC and thinking of getting the QSC K12's or a K12 and a Ksub instead.


My ZX arrived today!!!   The Dark Crimson Rock Maple is just awesome!!  Now I'm gettin' down to business! 

The plan is to use the K4 for small gigs - bars, nightclubs, usually a single or duo where the other guy in my set has a small powered mixer with some EV Zx90s.  The Zx90s have enough kick for his guitar and my SPD-20.  I will be switching from the SPD-20 to a MBP using Superior through a MOTU Ultralite. I think I should be ok, but just in case,  the K4 also has a sub out.  If I need some extra low end I may look at a QSC KSUB.    When I play with my band, none of this is an issue since we have a larger PA with EV cabs and subs and an Aviom monitor system.  I may not use the K4 at all with the full band.


Pocket Master:
Sounds like you have a great plan for output sound.  It is an evolving process for me and I am getting close to what will work for me.  Good luck.



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