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Z4 demo, can anyone help?

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Hey tribe.

I'm at the point where if I wanted to get the Z4 upgrade for my instrument, it's within reach, but just like when I bought my instrument, I need some empirical evidence before I shore up my plans.

If there's anyone with a Z4-caliber instrument and an older module like an Alesis or an older Yamaha, could you perhaps post a link or PM me with a track of you playing said instrument through said module? 

David, I believe you wholeheartedly when you say the Z4 upgrade works with older modules, but I'd really like to hear a sample before I take the jump.

Thanks folks,  looking forward to hearing (from) you.



I can assure you, it will absolutely work with any midi module.  I have used my Z4 with all kinds of old crappy modules... oldest being a Roland TD7.  It doesn't change anything about the midi aspect of the instrument; it's all about how the trigger information is handled.  It feels REALLY live!


I see you use the Bose L1 system.  What do you think about it?  I just sold my EV SXA-250's and I'm looking at something lighter.  Always been confused on the Bose systems as to whether I need two.  Also there is the mod 1 vs. mod 2 question.  Any guidance you can offer would be appreciated.


Pocket Master:

I guarantee you that it will work with any MIDI module you use, the Zendrum when it is all said and done is simply a MIDI controller.  It is no different if you are using a TD-6V module with the older 3 series chip, or the new Z4 chip, it will still send that MIDI signal to your module and trigger that sound that is assigned to that MIDI number.  I am getting mine upgraded next week and I assure you, if there was any doubt that it would or wouldn't work with any module I plug it into, I would NOT be getting the upgrade.  The advantages to getting the upgrade is now you can add up to 6 more triggers, and it is more sensitive in response.  There are other features in how you can set up your Zendrum now as well within the programs, like the save function, and you can get the Zenedit program and really use the crossfade function if you are using a module.  I can't see any reason not to get the upgrade.  I was a little hesitant myself, but after our gathering last August, and hearing and seeing the new Z4 chip that some others had (and some persuasion by Inspector 109), I am going to just do it. I am not nervous at all, it will work with whatever I hook it up to and it will work flawlessly.  JUST DO IT!!!!!


I also use the Bose system and i think it is great. It is really clean and you can hear everything. Most of the time I am putting 4 vocal mics,bass,guitar and my Zendrum and it is really clear and plenty loud for the small to medium places I play. It separates into 3 pieces and none of the pieces weigh more than 25lbs. I reccommend at least 2 of the subs and some times In the bigger clubs when it is just me in the system I will use a QSC K series sub that gives me the bass thud I have been looking for. I fully reccommend this way to go Setup is less than 15 minutes. Hope this helps Thumper


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