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Tom Roady:
hey tribe...I just got a copy of the cover of digital Drummer on-line magazine. they are launching this friday at the NAMM I guess...I'm very honored to be the first "cover-boy"...I hope the article brings some potential new tribe members into our fold..."the mayor"

That's waaaay cool, Tom!    ;D

I've been eagerly awaiting the launch.  I think it's another great outlet to spread the word about electronic drums and percussion.

Perhaps soon, the negative stigma against electronic drums that still seems to exist in so many minds will fade away and they'll become widely accepted... simillar to the electric guitar, electric bass, electronic keyboard, etc.

Pocket Master:
I think it is great as well.  Other musicians hear that I am playing the Zendrum at a gig and automatically think that it is just going to sound like a drum machine but when they hear it played and sounds like a real kit.  Like you said, hopefully the negative stigma against electronic drums will fade away.  Congrats to "the Mayor" on being the first person selected for this new magazine.


Tom Roady:
digital Drummer Magazine is out today...to register for a subscription and check it out go to   http://www.digitaldrummermag.com/ I'm very honored to have been a part of this first issue and I hope I have done our "tribe" justice in leading new members to our family   "the mayor"

It looks very nice and has loads of great information!

I'm honored to have been a part of the first issue, as well.    ;D

Looking forward to future editions!


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