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Amp to Eleven, My Latest Jam on a Zendrum LT


This is my realtime solo improvisation on my Zendrum LT. My rig also includes a Novation Zero SL MK2 (with an expression pedal) and a Korg Nano Kontrol (with P-Touch sticky labels on it).

Software wise this is all Ableton, with BFD and NI Guitar Rig 4 plugins.


Enjoyed listening to your latest jam.  Good sounds mixed well!

I too use Ableton 8 and have been wondering about the additional use of NI Guitar Rig 4, Amp Farm, and others as plugins. What are you using for computer specs?  I currently use a MacBook.  It only has 2 mb RAM.  I want to purchase an iMac but am not sure about Snow Leopard OS yet.  Keeping an eye on the community forums... any advise?

Thanks @MindseyeDrums! Sorry I didn't answer, but I don't check these forums that often. I'm on SL now (of course) and my Macbook is a 2.4Ghz with 4GB of RAM... but anyway, I'm blowing away the CPU (passing 80% much of the time now) so... not sure what to tell you. More is more. Guitar Rig is a CPU hog, ESPECIALLY the amp models... you really have to watch your CPU usage carefully and see what causes spikes.


Pocket Master:
I am using a MacBook Pro with 4 GB of RAM as well.  I am using GarageBand and running Superior Drummer 2.0 as a VST.   I have had no issues with the Snow Leopard OS.  I do know many people have had issues running on a PC Laptop with memory, I am thinking because Windows OS seems to take up more memory with all of the other background programs that are running where the MacBook does not seem to have that many extra (meaning not really needed) programs running in the background.  I have found that it boots up much quicker and is ready to rock and roll than the PC Laptop.



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